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Paddles Swim School - Learn to swim

Our program is thoughtfully designed based on decades of swimming research and experience. We progress students through the most contemporary and effective methods of swimming skill acquisition.

My Paddles Journey

Students are encouraged through their swimming education by collecting certificates for passing stages, participating in events and making outstanding achievements in their weekly lessons. These milestones can be showcased in their own ‘My Paddles Journey’ certificate folder and cherished for a lifetime.


Developing the basics of breath control, buoyancy and propulsion. Students build safety awareness and confidence in the water as they work towards achieving the skills to survive a fall into a pool.

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Turtle Orca Tadpole Frog
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Paddles Swim School turtles Paddles Swim School orca Paddles Swim School tadpole
Paddles Swim School - Aquatots

Foundation begins by developing a streamlined body position, propulsive flutter kick and efficient breathing skills. This progresses into achieving both freestyle and backstroke while also strengthening survival skills in deep water.

Stage 5
Stage 6
Stage 7
Stage 8
Starfish Trout Penguin Snapper
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Paddles Swim School penguin Paddles Swim School trout Paddles Swim School penguin
Paddles Swim School - Foundation

Students start to swim longer distances as they refine their technique. Breaststroke and butterfly are introduced in progressive steps. Students learn more advanced survival strokes and skills to prepare for open water situations.

Stage 9
Stage 10
Stage 11
Stage 12
Octopus Platypus Dolphin Shark
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Paddles Swim School octopus Paddles Swim School dolphin
Paddles Swim School Program – Intermediate

Advanced focuses on perfecting technique in all four of the competitive strokes. Endurance and stamina is increased as students work on distance, speed and efficiency. Knowledge and practice of competitive starts, turns, rules and strategies are developed.

Stage 13
Stage 14
Stage 15
Stage 16
Seal Swordfish Bronze Swordfish Silver Swordfish Gold
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Paddles Swim School seal Paddles Swim School swordfish
Paddles Swim School - Advanced

Tailored progressive program for each individual to achieve the desired swimming goals at the individual's own pace.

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Paddles Swim School seahorse Paddles Swim School clam
Paddles Swim School - Adults
Paddles Swim School shark