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Safety & Survival Week
Safety & Survival Week
Safety & Survival Week badge
We run two safety and survival weeks per year. The program incorporates the core survival skills and water safety theory that students can use to both prevent and survive a dangerous and life threatening aquatic situation.
Paddles Swim School Event - Simulated open water activities

Simulated Open Water Activities

We bring the outside in and allow students to practice open water skills in a controlled environment. Preparing them for the ocean, inland waterways, boating trips and more.

Paddles Swim School Event - Deep water survival

Deep Water Survival

We train students to increase the length of time they can survive in deep water using a range of techniques including safety turns, treading water, flotation and sculling.

Clothed Survival Swimming

Most dangerous situations in an aquatic environment are unexpected, that is why we have our students swim in clothing to experience the heavy drag it creates. Students test how long they can continuously swim using energy efficient survival strokes.

Underwater Skills

Proficiency in underwater swimming skills can help a student navigate and escape dangerous situations, dive under waves in the ocean and even rescue a victim.

Paddles Swim School Event - Rescues


Self-preservation is key, so students are taught in age-appropriate steps how to help others who may be in danger, safely and responsibly, thereby creating the next generation of water responsible Australians.

Championship Week
Championship Week
Championship Week badge
Each year all our students participate in a championship week that is built into their learn to swim program. It is the opportunity to introduce them to the world of competitive swimming and give them the chance to put their skills to the test and go as fast as possible.
Paddles Swim School - Championship week
Paddles Swim School - Championship week races


A fun and have-a-go approach to racing against their classmates while learning about good sportsmanship. The chance to see just how quickly they can swim through the water.

Starts & Turns

Basic diving safety principles are taught as well as when and how to start and breakout into each stroke. Students are given the chance to try tumbles and turns as well how to finish a race strong.

Paddles Swim School - Championship week relays


Students learn about the rules and sequences of relays as well as learning to work together as a team and encourage their classmates.

Paddles Swim School Events – Championship Week Olympic and Commonwealth Games

Olympic & Commonwealth Games

We run our championship week alongside the two biggest international sporting events. This adds to the students' experience as they can participate while learning about this in school or watching the Australian athletes on television.

Paddles Swim School – Championship Week Podium


All students get the opportunity to feel like a champion and have their photo taken while standing on the winner’s podium. A chance for them to celebrate and remember their effort and participation.

Holiday Program
Holiday Program
Holiday Program badge
Running over the school holidays, our holiday program is delivered as a 5 day clinic styled program. Students select their stroke or skills of focus and over the week develop and refine their technique. It is an intensive program designed to accelerate swimming progression.
Paddles Swim School - Holiday program
Paddles Swim School Events – Holiday Program Freestyle


The fastest of all the competitive strokes, an efficient freestyle can also build the skills useful for rescues, recreation, water polo, and prone board paddling used for surfing and lifesaving.

Paddles Swim School Events – Holiday Program Backstroke


A graceful but powerful stroke, backstroke allows for mobility on your back without worrying about breathing techniques, perfect for competition, recreation and open water sighting.

Paddles Swim School Events – Holiday Program Breaststroke


Considered the most technically difficult of the strokes, breaststroke is both impressive to master and also important for survival and recreational swimming.

Paddles Swim School Events – Holiday Program Butterfly Stroke


The most energetic and mentally challenging of the strokes, butterfly is all about rhythm and timing. Once mastered, it is always impressive to see a student perform this swimming stroke.

Water Survival

The most important swimming skills are those that will save one's life. Water Survival education is one of four layers of protection proven to decrease a child’s risk of drowning, truly worthy of an investment for a child’s health and wellbeing.

Squad Presentation
Squad Presentation
Squad Presentation badge
The whole year leads up to this day for our squad students. They have trained hard and now it is the time to apply their swimming skills and competitive knowledge whilst celebrating their achievements.
Paddles Swim School - Squad presentation
Paddles Swim School Events – Squad Presentation Competitive Race

Competitive Races

Squad students race against each other and showcase their swimming skills to their family and friends.

Paddles Swim School - Awards ceremony

Awards Ceremony

Medals and trophies are awarded to recognise the achievements made in speed, distance, technique, coachability and leadership.

Paddles Swim School Events – Squad Presentation Swimmers of the Year

Swimmers of the Year

Each year, two swimmers are awarded the highest achievement at Paddles Swim School when they are crowned Swimmer of the Year. Their legacy lives on by joining the best of the best on our honour board.

Paddles Swim School - Celebration


Our squad teams get to celebrate the end of the year with their team mates, coaches and families.

Endurance Day
Endurance Day
Endurance Day badge
Our endurance day is a swim-athon styled event that students can register for and put their stamina to the test.
Paddles Swim School - Endurance day

Long Distance Challenge

Each participant chooses to take on a challenge to accomplish their distance goal. Whether that’s 100m, 1 km or more!

Paddles Swim School Events – Achievements


Every student receives a certificate of recognition for their effort which states how far they swam. The perfect keepsake to show family and friends, bragging rights are included.

Paddles Swim School - Endurance day stamina


This is the day where you can see just how long your child can swim for. Over the years you will watch them improve and become more efficient swimmers.