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Learn-To-Swim lessons

We offer Learn- To -Swim lessons for various levels including:

  • Babies (6-12 months)
  • Toddlers (1-2 year old)
  • Pre-schooler (3-5 year old)
  • School age (5-18 year old)
  • Adults
  • Holiday programs

Swim levels

Our program is designed to teach children and adults about water awareness, safety and correct strokes. Here is a snapshot of our different levels and what they mean:


Students develop familiarisation in an aquatic environment while learning the basics of propulsion, breath control, submersion and water mobility in order to build a foundation for independent swimming.


Students learn strong flutter kicks, develop the buoyancy to independently maintain a streamline body position and learn the arm techniques of freestyle and backstroke before achieving the co-ordination to combine with correct breathing.


Students further develop their techniques and breathing skills while beginning to swim longer distances and learn the fundamentals of breaststroke, survival backstroke and dolphin kick.


Students continue to build stamina and further their techniques in freestyle and backstroke, develop their breaststroke skills and begin to learn the fundamentals of butterfly and sidestroke.


Students develop strength and endurance while continuing to improve their techniques in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Students build a knowledge on the rules of competitive swimming by participating in relays and learning correct touch, turns and starts.


A certificate is awarded to a child after the successful completion of each level.

*There are currently no certificates for the adults and special classes