2 Hosken St, Altona Meadows VIC 3028
Call us 03 9315 8680
1.How big is your pool?
2.How deep is your pool?
3.Is your pool heated?
4.How good is your water quality?
5.How often do you test the water?
6.How often do you clean the premises?
7.What does my child need to wear for swim classes?
8.Does my baby/toddler need to wear nappies?
9.Does my child need to wear goggles?
10.Does my child need to wear swim caps?
11.Can I leave the premise during my child's swim lessons?
12.At what age can children be in a swim class on their own?
13.Can I take photographs?
14.What are the lesson fees?

Please call our centre on 03 9315 8680 or send us an email at inquiries@paddlesswimschool.com.au to discuss our pricing and discounts.

15.How long is each class?
16.How often do children attend classes?
17.What are the class sizes?
18.How often are students assessed?
19.How do I raise any concerns or provide feedback?
20.Do we have to pay for a class if it falls on a Public holiday?
21.When do I need to notify if my child cannot attend a class?
22.Do you offer make-up classes?

Yes, we offer make-up classes.

To qualify for a make-class:

  • A child must be marked absent from a previous class(es) and has given appropriate notice of the absence (at least 2 hours before the class starts)
  • The term fees have been paid in full

Once a make-up class is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled or changed, otherwise the entitlement is forgone.

Make-up classes apply for the current term and the immediate following term, provided the child is enrolled in the following term and all fees are paid in full. Make-up classes are subject to availability and cannot be guranteed. The entitlement cannot be transferred or given as credit.

23.How do I secure a spot for my child (for new and existing students)?

We have a waiting list for parents who require specific spots or for new students who wish to join Paddles. Please contact us for your requirements.

For existing students who wish to keep their spot for the next term, a deposit is payable at the end of each term. Please note that deposits are non-refundable. The deposit only secures your child’s spot for the first week of the term until the full term fee is paid which is due by the end of the first week of the new term.

24.What happens if my child cannot complete the classes for the term?

If your child cannot complete the term lessons due to injury or serious illness, please inform us and provide a medical certificate within 48 hours for a family credit for the remaining lessons.

25.Do you offer classes for squad level?

We offer stroke correction classes 4 times a week.

26.Do you offer private classes?

Unfortunately due to lack of available times slots, we currently cannot offer any private classes.

27.Do you offer adult classes?

Yes, we do offer adult classes. It is never too late to start learning to swim or to enhance your swimming techniques. We encourage begginer adult swimmers to contact us for further information on adult classes and learn the swimming techniques and water safety knowledge that will enable them to enjoy swimming in their personal life. Our adult classes can be tailored to your swimming ability so whether you want to learn the basics or be corrected on your techniques our instructors are here to work with you. Due to limited vacancies we do not offer make-up lessons for adult classes.

28.Can we join classes after the Term has started?

Yes. Your child can start at anytime. Fees are paid up front and based on the number of remaining classes for the term.

29.Do you offer Holiday programs?

Yes, please call us for the next available Holiday program.